Wednesday, 1 October 2014

              Let's be dead straight here.
                                              I'm a very ordinary guy and I have nothing to offer you, nothing at all. There's nothing up for grabs here. There's more . . .

Who is Doug McMillan? No one in particular, but then again . . . nor are you, although you may think you are. Then again, you may think otherwise, it matters not.

Things are not what they seem. Existence . . and all that, it's not what it appears to be, although it is an appearance. The writer of this material is, apparently, Doug McMillan . . and that is part of the appearance.

There is no Guru or teacher or teaching here - nothing. The 'ordinary' isn't even available here, and certainly there's nothing that could be classed as extraordinary - honestly.

So Doug McMillan, who is he, and who are you? Is there any difference between the two, me and you? Is there even a me, is there really a you . . . beyond some sort of mental construct? Hmmm...

Two realities collide here - in existence - but ironically . . . only one is real, which is it?

Two realities. What are they?

Before one can ask which of two realities is real one has to be able to identify the two realities, yes?

Maybe, but maybe not. The nature of this communication is mostly energetic and has nothing whatsoever to do with Doug McMillan or the reader as a personal entity.

That was a clue.

The roulette dealer had a unique personality. 
He had a different spin on everything.

The personal, which is a personal identity, a person with an individuated personality - that is one seeming reality, isn't it? It's one we all tend to believe in, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that identification. In fact there is nothing right or wrong here, nothing to like and nothing to dislike, nothing for you to love or hate - unless the person reading this chooses that option.

Honesty? Yes. This is an honest communication because it has a source of integrity. Integrity precedes honesty - integrity being that place we spoke of in our last post, Genba, remember? The real place is already integrated, whole and complete.

You'll no doubt recall that the real place is no place at all. The real place, doesn't exist in you, or me, or in the sky, the stars or  . . .

. . and yet it is all of that and more - the real place is all encompassing.

     Looking once more at honesty . . . one is an expression of Integrity, and there is only one, one is the real place. When one becomes two, three, four . . . infinitum - there's a splintering. A splinter group is formed - and that is the individuated personality.

Two fonts, Arial and Calibri, were in the midst of a bad breakup. 
Calibri said, 'I'm sorry, you're personality is too bold.' 
Arial responded, 'You're just not my type...'

We all experience existence through the individuated personality, although we didn't always do so, certainly at birth we didn't. Of course over time, since birth, the personality formed within each of us as layers of conditioning. And this layered conditioning, the individuated personality, was developing ( yes,one layer at a time) until there came a point when all you (and I) could relate to was . . . ?

That's right, it was (and still is) an incredibly insidious process, whereby the individuated personality completely masks the real (or true) nature of mankind, which is of course that which is covered over by all those years of layered conditioning - the individuated personality.

What is dishonest then? What is not real, not true - not the truth? If you've grasped this message you will already have your answer.

What is the cause of all conflict and unhappiness? The answer to all these questions has already been expressed in this Blog post.

What is honest, real and true? What is the truth, if there is a truth?

The real place, Genba (for want of no name whatsoever), is not individuated or personal. In fact the personality, being unreal, can not come to know it.

Two realities? Yes and no. One reality is false, the other reality is the real place - and no amount of seeking by an individuated person (you and I) can discover that which it is not.

One reality (the false one) is sitting on top of the other (the real place).

   Mankind lives life through the personality, and the personalities expression in existence is mankind's world, which in turn sits on top of the earth in the same way that the individuated personality sits on top of the real place . . . which is of course no place at all.

Each of us came out of the real place into existence, but we brought it with us, we didn't leave it behind, how could we, it's what you and I are? It's what everything (and nothing) is; yes, it is all encompassing.

What you think you are is simply hardened layers of conditioning, which is the individuated personality - but you also have moments of freedom from all that conditioning, don't you? We all do. One of these realities is wonderful, the other is a spoiler. The life we live is a mix of these two realities, and the only thing that can destroy the wonder of life is that reality which is no reality at all.

One could go on, but that's enough Honesty for now.

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