Sunday, 5 October 2014

. . . and if you give some managers an inch they think they're a ruler. Anyway, eight inches is far better, although it's not all about size . . .

      You Can substitute the word 'manager' for another if you so choose, it works for most people in most roles in life because, let's face it, most people are completely individuated in their mindset, and therefore they see everything from an individual perspective - it can be no other way. But that's okay, the secret (if there is one) is in the seeing of all this.

  Pure anarchy is something the person-individual does not know or understand at all, it is however what exists for the wo/man discovering Genba. The need to 'be in control' will either instantly or gradually begin to dissipate, and what remains is what is. What is, whatever that may be, is seen therefore to be as it is meant to be . . . otherwise it would be different. Change, being the only constant, is going to unfold anyway, so what's the point of being unhappy about what is?

The person hates the very thought of all this, and even if it thinks it doesn't hate it, it is looking to make use of this material rather than simply be.

Simply being is not something an individual/personality can do - how could they when the person is an add on, simply a game of tag within the play of life? Therefore the person will hold on to their 'ality' with fingers of grim death rather than simply be. In fact, when the individual personality discovers ideas such as enlightenment and liberation it goes in search of them to gain something for itself, thinking there's something to be had here, but there isn't, quite the opposite in fact...

Pure anarchy, Genba and/or being is rather beautiful, but it comes with a price, have you worked out what that price is yet?

You might think of someone as square who is actually well rounded.

The conditioned mindset of the individual personality can not identify any difference between itself and the non-mindset of a pure anarchist. The pure anarchist has discovered Genba, the real place, which is no place at all, and is no longer dominated by the personality alone - yes, they still have a personality (how could it be otherwise?), but they have also discovered something all encompassing (thus also encompassing the personality). It follows then that....

It's not that there is no such thing as
there is,
it's just that it isn't personal.

After liberation
Life still goes on,
as before.
   There can be indignation when dealing with persons whom are lost within their small conditioned life of attitudes, beliefs and opinions, those whom would impose such nonsense upon others with no idea how small minded it all is . . . but hey, look, even that's okay - it's what is; so don't be surprised if one day a pure anarchist tells you to fuck-off, s/he isn't being personal, it's just that they can see straight through you, and they really don't need your particular line in individuated bullshit.

The fact is that there is no such thing as personal enlightenment; it's a fallacy, a notional idea created by a mindset that's looking-searching for the unattainable . . . 

. . but when liberation comes it will be the death of you.
The end of individuation as a way of life.

So you, as a person, can not become enlightened or liberated - what would you,
as an individuated personality,
become liberated from,

The only Freedom 
freedom from the unreal, 
the unreal 
the individual, 
the person 
the personal.

The personality will also see what I've just written as arrogant and egotistical, and that is logical enough as that is it's own nature, it will also want to do a runner asap from all this, and in so doing point the finger of blame elsewhere haha - such is its wisdom!

Wisdom? The person, being a a gathering of 'Past Living' (and nothing more), can NOT know what wisdom is. Wisdom, all of it, like intuition, is rooted deeper within . . . within Genba. 

Genba is One, it is what one is, and even with all the add-ons, eventually the realisation is that there is only one and that one is everything and everyone all at Once....

. . . as for rulers, 
those whom think they can control One
well good luck with that One . . .

That's about the size of it!

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