Friday, 3 October 2014

     . . . it was at this point that a skunk walked in, and the judge said, 'odour in the court'!! Well obviously he wasn't wrong, and how the jury laughed, but that's where the similarity ends really. No, really it does, after all most people like to be both the judge and jury . . .

     Bad Smells. Not that we need to judge the smell, but nonetheless, as a figure of speech, bad smells, the notion of the person being both judge and jury. And whom are they judging? Usually some other poor soul who is only doing their best to get by in the world . . . that's the nature of the personality. But that's just my opinion, right?

The personality knows only opinion. That's its judging mechanism my friend, opinion. That and belief - not forgetting attitude, which I didn't. Therefore, the personality, knowing only attitude, belief and opinion garnished over a lifetime of conditioning, knows nothing but its own smell, well how could it know otherwise . . . seriously? Exactly, we don't know what we don't know, and all the person/personality knows is its own conditioned attitudes, beliefs and opinions. Unfortunately, the personality is, in 99.9% of the population, dominant.

Did I say unfortunately? Yes I did, but it's neither fortunate nor unfortunate, it is simply a fact. And that is the difference. The personality, including yours, is unreliable, totally and utterly - unreliable. How could it be otherwise when all it has to base its knowledge (attitudes, beliefs and opinions) on is a conditioned mindset?

The difference? Between what exactly? The difference between the conditioned mindset of the personality and . . .

. . do you remember Genba, the real place (which is no place at all)? Well if not you can read backwards for a spell and catch up!

If actions speak louder than words then why can't you hear mime artists?

My own personality is wonderfully spiky, to the point where it can prickle with effortless ease, it knows how to rub you up the wrong way - but thankfully there are times when one see's the personality in action and in the seeing of it one instantly becomes free of it; it really is effortless, but only when it is! At other times, once my feathers are ruffled, well . . .

I've got a grapefruit matter
It's as sour as shit
I have no solutions
Better get used to it
I don't need a ship to sail in stormy weather
I don't need you to ruffle the feathers - on my Peacock Suit
I'm Narcissus in a puddle
In shop windows I gloat
Like a ball of fleece lining
In my camel skin coat

I don't need a ship to sail in stormy weather
I don't need you to ruffle the feathers - on my Peacock Suit
Did you think I should

Nemesis in a muddle
In a mirror I look
Like a streak of sheet lightnin'
In my rattlesnake shoes -

I don't need a ship to sail in stormy weather
I don't need you to ruffle the feathers - of my Peacock Suit
Did you think I should . . .

     That kinda sums up the workings of the personality. One on the other hand is free from such liabilities, but only when there are no ruffled feathers.

Back to bad smells and all that. When we judge another we do so from our conditioning, in other words it's a conditioned reaction - we see things in a particular way based on how we've been conditioned to think, and thus what we believe is right and wrong . . .

Is there an alternative? Not for the personality, no - it only knows its attitudes, beliefs and opinions, clearly. The alternative would require one  to simply be, which is of course the original place, the place one comes from, which is no place at all . . .

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