Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Genba . . all that matters

     We personalise the mind don't we, you and I? Yes, one does.That said, you might suppose that, in your opinion, what I've just written is nothing more than my opinion - but is it? Are there alternatives to having an opinion? There may well be when . . .

When? When one no longer personalises the mind perhaps? Perhaps, but how would one do that? Is it possible to simply be without being attached to the mind, it's content, it's belief system, attitudes and opinions . . . it's conditioning?

Plenty of questions there, a pretty bundle in fact, and one has to look to answer them - if it's possible. Actually, sometimes a question is in itself the answer in that it sets cognitive wheels in motion that lead, seemingly inexplicably, to answers . . . even the solution.

So, questions, I'll be asking them, you should let them sink in, sink into your psyche, into the depths of the mind, infinitely deep and beyond - into beingness, the nothingness within where all the answers reside, and then beyond the polarity of Q&A into the solution, the one solution.

I'm not attempting to be mysterious here. This isn't some mystical mumbo-jumbo, this is a practical prison-break, a break out attempt for anyone who may have an inkling, or a restless feeling that they are in fact locked away in a psychological-emotional prison.

One will answer the questions that arise here within the pages of this blog, but sometimes the answer will simply be a finger pointing towards the solution . . . in fact one has been pointing to the solution from the very start, you may or may not have noticed. If not, then, when the time is right and not before, you will - especially if you re-read this material from time to time.

What one is doing here is pointing you home, and home has a name here, one calls home Genba, for want of a better name, and if you follow the Genba link you'll discover why.

The truly enlightened have homes 
with two Karma garages.

   One is not concerned with any notional ideas of enlightenment or liberation etc here, no, nor is one going to talk 'Karma' you can park all those ideas away in one or two of your Karma garages. This subject matter, being no subject matter at all, resides beyond all of the known ideas of the mind and takes you to Genba. 

   Don't get lost in words. That's all they are. Words are only pointers, especially when one is on a return journey to a place where words are not, so to speak, and are without any necessity whatsoever. Genba is like that, it is the real place, and yet it is no place at all - and this real place can not be imagined, although no doubt the prisoner will attempt to do so, to imagine the unimaginable.

And what of time and space? What of them? Like I said, one doesn't have any interest in such concepts, whatever one needs to know one knows as and when one knows it....

Time is what keeps things from happening all at once.

That's it. And space? That's where it's all happening one moment at a time - so don't get all hung up about it (smirk).

But what of consciousness, that annoying time between naps? That's all it is, so why be concerned with it? Seriously, one  certainly doesn't, and one should know because one is already Genba. That was another finger pointing moment, did you notice it? On the other hand . . .

. . you have different fingers. You can use those fingers for oh so many things, including putting two up at this blog if you so choose, it's no big deal, none of it is, you only think it is (or not) - and that's another pointer; you think and therefore you think you are. You quite simply think yourself into existence as an individuated being.

Not that that's a bad thing, it isn't, there is no right or wrong here, no good or bad at all, except of course when thinking makes it so.

What of Truth? Reality? One may bandy such words about from time to time, but not all at once, to help make a point, but don't count on it, you see, all that matters is beyond words and descriptions, but we'll eventually get there, to that place.

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