Saturday, 13 September 2014

So, it's time to . . .

. . move into infinity and beyond!

     Well obviously. There may well have been the appearance of dysphoria here previously, but that, I perceive, was caused by a chemical imbalance which has, for the most part, been righted.

As seen from the equation CH4 + 2 O 2 → CO+ 2 H2O, a coefficient of 2 must be placed before the oxygen gas on the reactants side and before the water on the products side in order for, as per the law of conservation of mass, the quantity of each element does not change during the reaction of Doug McMillan's Brain when attempting to balance out an equivalent equation involving a spiked pint of beer on a night out on the town, which simply Fluxed his head up completely.....

   Blogs come and go, I should know, I've written a few, and I've also read a few which no longer exist. Life is forever on the move, and everything that happens to one does so for a reason, the important thing is to learn from each event, learn the lesson being offered and move on. Doesn't that make infinitely greater sense than lingering in the mediocrity of the event itself? Well my message is that it does....

Change is the only constant
and I don't give a flux!

     Flux F* through a surface, dS is the differential vector area element, n is the unit normal to the surface. Left: No flux passes in the surface, the maximum amount flows normal to the surface. Right: The reduction in flux passing through a surface can be visualized by reduction in F or dS equivalently (resolved into components, θ is angle to normal n). F·dS is the component of flux passing though the surface, multiplied by the area of the surface (see dot product). For this reason flux represents physically a flow per unit area.

Events, and circumstances are, in my experience, passing moments - everything is in a constant state of flux, including ones life, and one can either be that state of flux and enjoy the ride or one can remain stuck in the mire of  the event and become bogged down in the circumstance. How do I handle change these days?

How do I handle change? 
I put it in the parking meter.

Doug McMillan has, far too often in the past, wallowed in the mire of passing events and circumstances and allowed the purity of his psychic inner space to become sullied there. It's time to move beyond that. These days I handle change in my life by simply acknowledging that it's what each of us is, it's what one is.

The one thing that is constant is Change 
especially if you are a cashier . . 

. . but not from vending machines!

So, my last blog has come and gone - this one moves us on, may it be real and filled with evolving fun.

Way to go . . . 


*Of course Flux F has many connotations worthy of a 4letter word beginning with said letter and dS in this case, and by a set of extraordinarily circumspect circumstances, just happen to be the letters at the beginning and end of the name douglaS. Well anyway, Flux knows what any of it means? Please post all answers in a comment box near you.

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