Thursday, 29 January 2015

. . . "You're always happy these days Doug" Clive (one of the management team) commented, "you've always got a smile on your face when I see you, it's almost as if you know something that we don't" . . .

     It was a very long year, 2014, very long indeed, and any of you who read my previous blog on the subject of dysphoria will know exactly what I mean, right? Right! What has changed? Good question.

Remember Genba? I discovered a place within, I call it Genba (for want of no label at all), and this place is reflected externally as life itself. Genba is simply being, it isn't polarized, it is in equilibrium. Out of Genba, out of equilibrium, unfolds life, unfolds the joy of life itself.

The change has been gradual, but here (within this man) there is now a reflection of Genba, where previously there was none. Now there is the simplicity of being, out of which bubbles up the joy of being, and there is a natural unfolding of life. Of course a mixed bag of events and circumstances can still unfold, but where there is only being and joy there is a chance that unfolding out of that very beingness will arise a solution. One finds this to be the case.

Problematic people will still communicate problematically, and this can sometimes rub me up the wrong way, but generally speaking there is 'Genba'. The psychological and emotional pain, that at one time would linger long, lingers not; it no longer has a hold over one.

One is Genba. Where there is an 'I' or a 'me' there is problematic thinking, emotionalizing and as a consequence, problematic living. When, however, one is simply being there is simply an unfolding of life and solutions.

That is one's explanation.

Speaking as a man who has realised his limitations as individuated man, and yet also realises his vastness and Oneness as Genba, I can't promise anything. I can't say what may or may not unfold, one is also not a saint, anything can happen. What one will say is that within Genba, within the sheer joy of simply being, arises all solutions to all difficulties....

....and that's enough.

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